About KamaSutra. Sex Positions and Pictures of Kama Sutra

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The KamaSutra is commonly regarded as a simple list of sex positions, an illustrated guide showing different manners to get into sexual intercourse, many of them nearly impossible to achieve. Thanks to this common sense, many people believe the Kama Sutra being just plain pornography, what is in fact a complete misconception.

Although the real and original KamaSutra really presented a list of sex positions (64, to be precise) its focus was on the customs and ideas of the ancient India, portrayed by the author Vatsyayana. The question is that The Indian were such an erotic and sexually charged people that sex was not even close to be considered a crime, dirty or something wrong, it was just another part of the life of the common citizen. The rest of the Kama Sutra addresses how to live ethically in the Indian society and to have a good and healthy lifestyle, besides information on how to treat partners within the relationship, with no reference to sex positions at all.

The author of KamaSutra believed that sex was in fact something divine, to be respected, admired and celebrated. Some may claim that the Kama Sutra included some references to polygamy, but we have to keep in mind that it was completely accepted and understood at the time the Kama Sutra was written.

Even the part of the book that contains images of sex positions is not meant to be graphic, since it’s common in the Indian art to depict the genitalia in paintings or sculptures. More than a simple manual showing acrobatic sex positions as some people still consider the KamaSutra, it was a compendium of ideas of the ancient India, including positions that would help a couple to achieve a proper level of pleasure and intimacy.